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Richard Mille Replica Watches created two limited editions of Space Invaders watches to evoke memories from an iconic 1980s video game. The coin-operated arcade games addicts can now read the time on a funny and cool dial colonized with pixilated Space Invaders.

The SPACE INVADERS(r) were created by the Japanese Corporation TAITO in 1978. They quickly became popular worldwide, and even caused a shortage in Japan of 100-yen coin. Richard Mille Replica Watches-Romaine Jerome took inspiration from them to create new timepieces paying tribute to this interesting product of late 20th century popular culture.

The Richard Mille Replica Watches features 3.5mm Space Invaders in different colors in the "day" version, or coated with Superluminova in the "night" version.

The case is 46 mm wide and has a round face with an almost rectangular back.Richard Mille Replica Watches It is a replica of the Moon Invader Series, released earlier this year at Basel Watch Show. It also has a very cool feature: steel combined with fragments of the Apollo 11 capsule.

The case looks like a strongbox or spaceship, and has four joints that are shaped like the feet of lunar landing modules. These are both aesthetic and functional. They hold the rubber strap lugs and make it adjustable for different wrist sizes.

The Richard Mille Replica Watches security screws are used to secure the caseback (sealed by four cup marks). A stellar pattern is then applied on the back of the caseback, which represents the surface of the moon. The caseback is plated in Moon SilverRichard Mille Replica Watches, an alloy of silver with a low oxidation rate that incorporates moon rocks.

Manuel Emch is the CEO of Richard Mille Replica Watches - Romain Jerome. He has already said enough to the immense popularity of the arcade game SPACE INVADERS by putting himself in the group of former SPACE INVADERS junkies. The game is a legend among those who grew-up in the 1980s. It was the first Killer App for consoles and replica watches The pixilated characters of SPACE INVADERS were the first iconic form of entertainment. Thousands of hours of television programs and hundreds cultural exhibitions are dedicated to this generational icon", said Emch.

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