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Roger Dubuis Replica Watch

The President Obama is mocked in a satirical watch

The Worldwide Watch Company in Washington DC has created another satirical item that makes fun of the most powerful resident of Washington DC. The company's latest product, a quartz watch with a leather band and an analog movement, is satirical.

The Roger Dubuis Replicaes are primarily intended to convey a political message.Roger Dubuis Replica They feature a caricature on the dial of President Barack Obama. It also has hour, minute, and second hands which run counterclockwise. This is meant to be a statement about the direction the current government is taking the country. Hour markers are also placed in reversed order for accurate timekeeping. The Roger Dubuis Replica, which the Worldwide Watch Company refers to as a "conversation opener", is relatively cheap at only $30.

Washington DC-based watchmaker has been producing political Roger Dubuis Replicaes since a decade and half. The watchmaker also created another satirical timepiece, which was a criticism of a Democrat who held office. In 1999, the media was attracted to a Roger Dubuis Replica featuring President Clinton.Panerai Luminor GMT Replica It had a feature that made the nose of the president enlarge three times its normal size every 10 seconds. This watch was created during the Monica Lewinsky affair and was known as the "Clinicchio".

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